5 Reasons Why The Paso Pen Is One Of The Best Cheap Vape Pens In The UK

In this post we wanted to outline why we think the Paso vape pen is one of the best options of all the vape pens for sale over here in the UK. Here goes: 

  1. Premium hardware: although on the cheaper end of the vape pens for sale in the UK, the Paso vape pen does not sacrifice or skimp on quality. It uses premium hardware and offers a range of functionality that is often not found in many of the other cheap vape pens sold in the UK. Whilst you can pair their battery with any 510 compatible cart, we’d suggest buying it as a kit with one of their vape cartridges as they have been designed to be used together
  1. Slick design: as the name suggests, a vape pen should resemble a pen in look and feel. Meaning it should be thin and lightweight. The Paso vape pen is not only both of these things, it also is one of the most good looking vape pens for sale, silver plated with their name engraved at one end. This gives what is otherwise (based on cost) one of the cheaper vape pens in the UK, a premium look and feel
  1. Multipurpose: this is what would be deemed a cannabis vape pen in the UK as it is powerful enough to work with thicker vape oils and extracts. But, even better than that, it can also work with thinner CBD e liquids by lowering the voltage with its variable voltage functionality
  1. Pre-heat functionality: if you do prefer vaping more concentrated CBD vape oil, if the vape cartridge has been stored in a cool place it can often be much harder to heat up and vape as the oil will have hardened in the cart, with the pre-heat function, you can heat up the cartridge in advance of vaping so that the cart will vape more effective and smoother
  1. Reusable: whilst I have mentioned this last, this is probably one of the most important aspects for me. We only have one planet and so we must be more mindful with the products we buy. Unlike many of the other cheap vape pens on offer in the UK, the PASO vape pen is reusable meaning that you charge it up, replace the cart and can use it over and over again. In this day and age we should not be using disposable vape pens so spend a touch more – you will not only save the planet, but actually more money in the long run! 

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