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5 Tips For Your First Year In Medical School

If you’re reading this post, that means you are done with medical school admission counseling, the entrance exam, the application, and now eagerly waiting for your classes to start. Or, maybe you are about to begin medical school counseling and are here just because of curiosity. Whatever your situation is, below are five tips for a successful first year of your medical school.  

Do Not Skip Classes 

One of the basics of success in the first year of medicine is consistency. Even if this statement seems obvious, it is not always easy to put it in place and stick to it precisely. Thus, it is wise to make regularity a habit from the beginning of the year. Having a schedule for getting up, going to bed, having lunch, dinner, and regular working time allows you to be efficient throughout the year and program yourself for success. Additionally, it helps you to impose a work rhythm that suits you.

Find Your Ideal Work Flow

To find your ideal work rhythm, the best is to know yourself and find your own rhythm. It is useless to copy other students’ work methods and habits if it does not suit us. So try to ask yourself the right questions: Are you a morning or evening person? Do you prefer to get up early and go to bed early, or get up late and go to bed late? Do you like to take a nap in the afternoon?  What time are you most effective and focused? Based on the answers you get, make your ideal workflow. 

Make A Regular Study Habit 

In view of the high level of medical studies, it is preferable to avoid last-minute studies and revisions. As a medical student, you need to integrate a high amount of information over a short period. So, keep yourself updated in real-time. Study daily so that you can overcome any doubts and gaps. This approach will help you better manage your time and to attend exams more relaxed.  Make efforts as same as you made during your medical school admission counseling

Take Breaks To Keep Up

Beyond adopting a regular pace of work, favor a healthy lifestyle if you want to succeed in medicine. If you sacrifice your time for sleep, lunch break, or artistic activities for studies, this study rhythm is not sustainable in the long term. Thus, it is essential to respect the time of sleep you need, even if it is 10 hours per night. When you lack rest, it is difficult to utilize your cognitive functions to work and learn effectively. The same goes for food. Even though we all make a lot of gaps and sometimes allow ourselves “guilty pleasures” during this stressful year, eating in a balanced way helps to create good health and the right study conditions. 

Sports is Also Important 

In the first year of medical school, we only think of the exam and competition. Sport and extra-curricular activities allow you to get away from it all, to let off steam, to clear your mind, and to recharge your batteries. Even if you cannot allow yourself 15 hours of sport per week, at least practice physical activity daily. It maintains the balance of the body and the spirit and, thus, positively affects your learning.

Final Words

Remember – for a successful first year of medicine; there are as many different tips and working methods as the number of successful students. Each student has his own study and working criteria so, are their suggestions.  However, some tips increase the odds in your favor. We have mentioned those tips above. Feel free to share your opinions about this post in the comment section below. 

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