A Convincing Look-Alike

Having marble countertops is a beautiful luxury. They are, however, typically more expensive than alternative counter surfaces. Having real hardwood flooring is another gorgeous indulgence. Yet what about those of us with slightly more modest means? A desirable alternative could be laminate wood floor. This option tends to be more economical, over the long run, than other flooring selections. It also has other qualities that have made it a recent homeowner preference. Let me enumerate.

Laminate wood floors have a robust reputation. It is similarly textured and durable, when compared to wood, but it is an exciting simulation. With product innovation it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish the laminate wood floor from hardwood flooring. And with all the panache and beauty of similar flooring options, laminate wood provides certain added conveniences. Animal owners now have a pragmatic option. For those of us who keep animals indoors, having a laminate wood floor might make for easy conservation.

Laminate wood floor has been calculatedly created to withstand certain hardships. Things like scratching, staining and fading are no surprise to any flooring. Yet the laminate wood floor is particularly enduring, and resists much of this scuffing. So no longer does the pooch need to be a cause for concern when it comes to flooring. Laminate wood floor eases the burden of keeping rowdy creatures in a delicately decorated home. Cleaning a laminate wood floor is not a problem. Moisten a washrag, wipe up the mess, and then dry the area with another rag. You do not need to purchase a special detergent or a top of the line chemical cleaner.

Nor do you need to worry about applying a buff or polish to the flooring. In fact you would be advised against such. With super tough spots, nail polish remover might do the trick. But overall, laminate wood floors seem to require few maintenance needs. Then let’s say you either sell your home, or after 10 years of ownership you decide to redo the kitchen. In this case items like hardwood floor or cement floor would take some professional assistance to remove, simply because of the way they’re installed. Laminate wood floors would not take quite as much muscle to undo. In many ways it is a less committed product because it is more easily undone.

Few people can say with certainty what their tastes will be for the next twenty years, and any flooring can be a bit of a financial and time commitment. But laminate wood tends not to dent the budget and it creates less limitation than other flooring choices. Laminate wood floor is durable enough to withstand the marching of feet for generations, but is rather simple to remove. It is also pretty simple to clean and fairly facile to install. Laminate wood floors can defy fading, withstand scratching, and can even turn an abode into a model looking home. If the house later needs a makeover, new flooring won’t be difficult to secure. Laminate wood has certain cons, as do all products, but many buyers feel that the pros override the cons. All in all, board for board, laminate wood floor is a lasting and convincing look-alike.

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