Are There Energy-Efficient Ways To Heat Your Sub-floor?

A fantastic way to heat your home without all the loud noise, and unsightly heaters is sub-flooring heat. There is no worry about allergies from dust, nor hot air blowing into the room, just pure radiating heat, coming from your floor, and rising throughout your house. This is a good solution to mechanical heating systems, which warms the house, not the air. Anyone who has sat in a space that has been heated by the sun can relate to what this type of heat feels like.

There are a couple of types of sub-flooring heat available, with hydronic being the most common. They use PEX tubing on the floor to move water throughout the system, which slowly warms up the floor and radiates into the room. These pipes can be set in thin concrete layers on top of wood structures, hooked beneath the floor with aluminum fins, or placed above the sub-floor in grooves.

You may also choose to utilize electric radiant heat which is much easier. Wire mesh is added underneath the house, which can be heated. Although the cost is much higher, this is far easier to install. Even though it is not great as the key source of heat in the home, it will work nicely as a secondary heat source. It is much better for tile flooring and hardwood than for thickly covered floors.

There are many good reasons to use radiant heat. Less energy is utilized since the house can feel warm when the thermometer shows much lower temps. There will be no “cold spots” in the home because the heat travels upward from the floor. The amount of heat in each particular room can change with these systems. For folks who have a solar-powered house, this system can be added to it also.

Sub-flooring heat might not be for everybody, because there are a few drawbacks to it as well. The cost of installation can be rather high with boilers, pumps, manifolds, and such. Where it only costs about five thousand dollars to install a forced-air heater, radiant sub-flooring heat can cost two to three times that much. If you’re going to require an air conditioner installed too, the cost of sub-floor heating may be too much.

Installing sub-floor heating to a house that is already built costs a lot more than other kinds of heating. It also has to be placed under the existing floor, which can mean much farther for the heat to travel. If the aluminum folds do not force the heat upward thoroughly, most of it will escape under the home. For those who are choosing what kind of heating should be in their house, the climate and the kind of house you’ve got are vital in the process.

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