Be Number One With Amazon Inventory Management Services

Getting your products to rank on number one of Amazon search is a daunting task. Whie amazon inventory management software can work wonders for you, it is not the only factor that will turn the tables.

There are a plethora of factors that Amazon has to consider in order to serve up the right product to their customers. While Amazon inventory management can drive one factor when it comes to the search results, there is a lot more you need to give a thought about.

From the top level, there are two vital inventory options. First is Amazon FBA Software. This is where Amazon is responsible to tell the merchant where he/she needs to send the product. In addition to this, they then manage the distribution procedure throughout the locations they have decided. Second one is self fulfilment. This is where the merchant is responsible to manage their own fulfillment and supply chain.

The Connection Between Amazon Search Rank and Amazon Inventory

With fulfilment by Amazon, the inventory counts are precise. Therefore, some of the distributors prefer to manage inventory with the help of their own distribution network. The reasons behind the same are umpteen. Nevertheless the main challenger here is nothing but meeting the expectations of the customers of Amazon Prime.

Amazon has done a mind blowing job in their war against the buyer’s remorse. All the customers are aware of the fact that anything they wish to purchase will be at their doorstep in no time. However, this expectation is not an easy one.

Even though there is no ranking penalty for not having sufficient inventory if the customer expectations are high, it is much more likely that the customer will leave a review that might affect your business. Now those bad reviews will never let your product be on number one.

How Amazon Reviews Factor In?

Amazon product review scale is from one to five. This star system is the most vital communication point with the customers. The reviews of the products are most of the time permanent and are often considered as one of the topmost factors while researching.

Think of Amazon reviews as a product feedback loop. Honest and positive feedback is a fantastic source if you want to find particular and perks customers enjoy. However, both of them should be highlighted in the product description or listing. Also, honest and positive reviews can be a chance to build a relationship with the customer. This is where you not only convince them to buy your product but also recommend other products.

When it comes to the negative reviews, you should always begin out by providing honest apologies. Let the customers know the best ways possible to get in touch with you, and provide a replacement or refund if they do not get their hands on the right product. Other potential buyers have been searching for negative reviews to find out whether or not the brand has the ability to handle the matter in a professional manner. Basically bad reviews are opportunities if you want to build trust with all your customers.

Amazon Seller Ratings

When we talk about the seller ratings, consider them as a whole. Even though it is not very common as product reviews, there is no denying the fact that these can be beneficial for all the brands if they want to build trust, especially on the buy box for products that are not fulfilled by platforms like Amazon.

While they should not be taken for granted, all the brands should focus on ninety percent of effort on the reviews of the product and ten percent on the reviews of the seller if they have to make the best use of the efforts.

The reviews of the seller should only be based on the customer service. Anything else can be removed if asked. A number of negative reviews can receive a seller suspended or even removed from the seller central. This is why they should not be taken for granted.

The Final Thoughts

This is how you will be able to rank your product on the top. Also, you need not forget to consider the amazon inventory management services and then get started.

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