Enhance the Network Performance

Exceptional Network Accelerator to Enhance the Network Performance

Every business organization dreams of smooth IT operations in terms of controlled Technical setups and seamless network performance. However, low data transfer speed and below average network performance is the huge concern for the data centers and big financial entities worldwide. Even the biggest of business units face this issue. There are various other factors involved when it comes to network performance and data transfer speed. The cost involvement in terms of power consumption, time loss due to low data transfer speed and extra resources used in load balancing and hanged sessions etc. are few among such issues.

Different corporate entities often try and setup various technologies to get the desired network performance, however, most of them either provide limited solutions or are useless. Intilop recently has demonstrated a complete hardware and network accelerator at Super Computing 2014 Conference, which has got some striking features to combat the various system and networking issues. It has recently demonstrated its 16 Thousand TCP & UDP Session Hardware Accelerator specially designed for Hyper Performance Networking Systems. This Network Accelerator has the features such as:

  • Increased workload performance of CPU and considerable respite in terms of its overall utilization.
  • Cost reduction in terms of low power consumption benefits
  • Consistently good performance despite thousands of simultaneous active sessions.
  • Ultra low latency and zero jitters.

Hence, this product will certainly do a lot of goods to the data centers affected by low or below average CPU and system performance. Intilop’s TOE Technology has already been a revolution in the field of network performance and speed that quite successfully executes the task of offloading the CPU, so that it can flawlessly perform its core function of running the key applications and ensure the smooth system and network speed and performance.

As a matter of fact, Intilop was the first company to deliver a series of Full TCP Offload Engines on FPGAs in 2009. Its high quality TCP Offload Engine Products i.e. 40G MAC, TCP Offload Engine, TCP/IP offload engine Full TCP Offload, Ultra Low Latency FPGA are already being used successfully by many Data Centers, Cloud Computing Servers, Trading Exchanges, Banks and other Financial Institutions.

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