Guide to Do Indian Wedding Photography in 2021

Indian Wedding Photography in 2021

2021 is a year we will all remember to forget. However, don’t let the pandemic spoil the excitement of your big day. If you are getting married in 2020, there are a lot of things that will worry you. A limited number of guests, mandatory masks, disinfection, and much more. Here is the best guide to do Indian wedding photography in 2021 by the best destination wedding planners in Jaipur.

Destination Indian Wedding Photography

Keep in mind that there could be a pandemic, but nothing is changing when it comes to Indian wedding photography. Destination weddings aren’t a great idea this year, but photography can recreate exactly what you want.

Different Options for Indian Wedding Photography

Here is a guide to doing Indian wedding photography on the different options available for you and your partner in 2021.

Candid Photography before the Wedding

The pre-wedding photoshoot has become an important part of Indian weddings. It’s perfect for spending time with your loved one and the photography focuses on the deep love for each other. It could be the couple’s love story, how they met and how love blossomed, or it could be done in a dream destination, without other people. These photographs will stay with you as a memory for a lifetime.

Post-wedding photography

If you are not a fan of wholesale jewelry and wedding dress photos, post-wedding photography is an ideal choice for you. It will bring out the best in both of you. The photoshoot takes place in a relaxed environment when the two of you are settled into your new life. Many couples love to have a photoshoot after the wedding at their honeymoon destination. It’s a trailer of how you’ll spend the rest of your life. Most of the shoots are a lot of fun, with the couple bringing out their best element.

Drone Wedding Photography

Drone wedding photography will give you the big picture of how the sky should watch over you. There are different types of drones available and they are used for different types of photography. It is possible to get very creative in capturing images. You can choose to be clicked while sleeping in a plain or standing on top of a mountain. This type of photography can cost a bit more than regular candid photography.

Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Lifestyle wedding photography is another trending option in 2021. It’s on every couple’s list this year. This type of photography will capture minute detail with the contemporary approach to shooting. It gives a glimpse into the couple’s life. It is usually taken in an exotic location and a relaxed environment. Many couples prefer their photos to be clicked on in their hometown or the city where they plan to live together. This lifestyle wedding idea is from a destination wedding in Jaipur planned by the “Luxury My Wedding” team.

Exclusive Wedding Photography

Choose from these four exclusive types of taking photos for your special day. You can choose one or all of them as each has a unique character and will give you different results. Some of your best memories are stored in photographs and if you want to remember the little moments that turn into great moments in life, choose the right photographer and the right style of photography.

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