Highly Recommended Tooth Replacement Options By Expert Dentists

If you’re the one with a missing tooth, you might be searching for the best tooth replacement options in Delray Beach. First of all, it is entirely okay to have a missing tooth; it can be sorted under an expert dentist’s guidance. However, it may affect your confidence negatively at times, or you may feel that your healthy smile factor is lacking somewhere. Perhaps, gaps within the teeth structure can cause difficulty in speaking or chewing, but a missing tooth can also lead to volume loss as the bone tissue keeps shrinking over time. Thankfully, several options cater to missing or broken tooth replacement and ultimately ensuring that you have a healthy natural smile. 

Remember, every individual’s tooth situation is different. Based on the current condition, a dentist recommends a suitable treatment. Below we have mentioned the most common options that most of the orthodontists suggest. So, let’s get started then. 

Dental implants  

One of the highly adopted methods of tooth replacement. The tooth implant process in Delray Beach, like the region, is counted as a reliable option compared to the rest. Wondering why? Because it feels and delivers the appearance of a natural tooth. Being a permanent solution, they last for a lifetime. However, this process’s duration is quite lengthy as it is an invasive surgical procedure and demands enough recovery time. Once finished, they don’t need to be addressed to dental visits. Bear in mind that enjoying this process’s lasting results is much more comfortable and comes with an expensive price tag. 

Dental Bridges 

A dental bridge is ideal for individuals who have multiple teeth missing in a row, as replacing every tooth can be highly time-consuming. But you can instead drawback and go with the implant-supported dental bridges treatment. It is economical as a treatment option, and bridges will most likely deliver a natural look while being sufficient. 


Whether you are missing all of your teeth or a few, or else you want to get any of your teeth removed, dentures can be the suitable treatment that can support your unique requirements. In case of an emergency, you can see an expert dentist offering same-day dentures in Delray beach. As the traditional dentures are considered to be much bulkier and may cause dental tissue deterioration over time, dentists recommend going for the removable ones. Their treatment course is likely non-invasive, cheaper, and finished much quicker than dental implants and fixed bridges. Ultimately, partial dentures are considered as one of the highly adopted tooth replacement options in Delray beach. 


They are temporary dentures with the ability to flip in and out of their position. Generally, a flipper established is not dependent on any neighboring teeth and doesn’t have any metal clasps. The flippers course is pain-free and a relatively cheaper treatment option. Besides, they are a much lighter option in comparison to partial dentures. 

The Final Word 

These were the most popular treatment options for getting a missing tooth replaced with a new one. As gum diseases or a tooth injury can happen anytime, make sure to make the best decision while considering the pros and cons. Without any doubt, what else can be much better than getting professional help in such circumstances? 

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