How Can You Prepare For the Installation of Dishwasher

Whether in Australia, Canada, the US or India, most people need to alter their work schedule for delivery of their appliances and waiting for dishwasher installation service. Before all that, one needs to figure out what the dishwasher installation costs are and how much of an investment it is going to be in the long run. Therefore, it is important to know that one should get the job done right the first time around. 

Here is how you can prepare for the process of installation of your dishwater as said by experts at moyle plumbing:

  • Begin by Measuring 

Measuring is the primary step that one needs to follow on beginning the process of purchasing and installing a dishwasher. Begin by measuring the width of the current dishwasher that you own and then record the distance from the underside of the countertop to the floor level. Be sure to further provide this information to the salesperson so that you could get it cross checked against the dimensions of the new dishwasher you plan to replace it with. Also, be sure to let the sales representative if you are replacing an English or European dishwasher with a newer American or Australian model, as they could be significantly different and maybe protruding out of the placement space. 

  • Ensure to Buy the Correct Parts

Dishwashers are delivered to your place along with the installation parts. Well over the years, manufacturers began skimping on the parts in order to keep the costs down. The basics required, such as the water intake hose and the power cord, do not come with the original packaging or dishwashers. They need to be separately bought. Ensure to order all the universal parts kits that you may need prior to beginning the process of installation. 

  • Ensure to Locate & Inspect the Water Shut-off Valve

If you live in an older building, then this step will come in especially handy for you. Make sure to check and see if the water shut-off valve is located under the sink or is in an accessible place in a cabinet close to the sink. It is also necessary to ensure that the valve is corrosion-free. It should be in good working condition and have metal connections that require no plumbing alterations. 

  • Make sure that you Locate Your Electric Panel

Ensure that you could locate the electrical panel in order to safely turn off the power of your kitchen during the process of installation. You could also verify that there is a steady 110 Volt outlet under the counter. 

What Can You Expect on the Day of Delivery of Your Dishwasher & Installation

  • They will give you a window of delivery which is likely a four-hour window. 
  • Keep your cell phone close and keep in mind that the installers will call you prior to making their visit. 
  • Ensure to clear the pathway to the place of your appliance; that way, you can protect your furniture. 

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