How Does A Water Tap Work

A tap is one of the most important plumbing items you need to utilize your plumbing system in your kitchen and bathroom. It is a simple tool using a simple mechanism to work. However, you get access to cleaning and drinking water because of taps. Therefore, taps have significance not only in your plumbing system but also in your life. If you have a leakage or any other problem with a tap, you can fix it if you know how a tap spindle and other parts work. 

In this article, you will learn about the different parts of a tap and how it works.

How Does A Tap Work

You can move or turn the handle of the tap to control the flow of water. The handle is connected to the tap spindle. Depending on the direction in which you move the tap spindle, the valve moves downward or upwards. As a result, the water chamber closes or opens. The tap is connected to a source of water. It can be a pipe or a water tank. Hot or cold water from the source comes to the water chamber of the tap. Kitchen mixer taps come with a mixer cartridge. This is how these types of taps allow you to change between hot and cold water. 

Parts Of A Tap

The number of parts in a tap depends on the function it performs. A tap has the following basic parts:

Mixer Cartridge

Some taps use a mixer cartridge to control the temperature of water flowing through a tap.

Connection Pipe

It is a pipe that connects the source of water and your tap.

Water Chamber

Water from the source stays in this part of the tap. 

Tap Seat

When you move the handle, it closes off the flow of water by pushing the tap valve against the tap seat.

Tap Valve

A tap valve controls the flow of water. 

Body Washer

It uses a seal to stop the flow of water.


Water will drip around or out of the nozzle if there is no o’ring or the o-ring is damaged.

Tap Spindle

It is connected to the tap valve and tap bonnets. This is where an o’ ring fits. 

Tap Bonnet

This part between the tap spindle and the flange moves the spindle.


This visible part of the tap covers the tap bonnet. You can find it under the handle.

Tap Handle

Depending on the design of the tap, the handle can be on one side or on top of the tap. Moving the handle turns the tap on or off.

Tap Nozzle

Tap water comes out of the nozzle.

What Are The Causes Of A Leaking Tap 

A leaking tap is one of the most common plumbing problems. In most cases, you can easily fix it. The following are the reasons why a tap leaks:

  • Loose parts
  • Worn parts
  • High water pressure

O’ring and body washer are the parts creating a water seal. These parts wear out with time. As a result, the tap starts leaking. In the case of high water pressure, the tap valve cannot handle it.

To fix a problem with a tap, many homeowners simply replace it with a new one. However, replacing a single part can fix the problem. Let a plumber help you.

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