How To Optimize Investment For Golf Course Maintenance Equipment

Equipment needed for the eminence of golf courses is highly expensive and for good reason. There are several equipment which are specialised for a particular cause of maintenance. But before you start making an investment in each of the equipment, it is important to understand what is needed and what is not. Optimization of your investment for golf course maintenance equipment is what we will be talking about in this blog.

Using maintenance equipment beyond its life genre;lly results in inefficient and reduced effectiveness, high labor cost, low reliability rates and higher repair costs. Therefore having an essest that is disqualified, has a shelf life and is upgraded as per the new technology makes a big difference. Apart from the life of the equipment, its results also depend on the decision of how long one wants to continue using equipment, even if it is not in a good condition. Because that can be more expensive than replacement. Brand new golf course maintenance equipment comes with better efficiency, less consumption of fuel, better working conditions and definitely higher revenues. Long story short, it is advised to be more prepared before making such a significant investment. Whether you are buying used equipment or brand you, it is you who has to decide if you are prepared for making that investment. Otherwise buyting equipment and machines that are used but still have their shelf life left and can serve you for years, is forsure a wise option to go for.

Accurate and Updated Records of Inventory 

As mentioned above, it does not matter much whether you are buying used golf course mowers for new ones, unless they are in good condition. By good condition we mean that there must be accurate and updated records of the inventory. You can not make an investment just by looking at the equipment. You need to be sure before making such an investment. After all it is not just one but many mowers that you will need to keep up with your golf course.

The records of the equipment purchased will pay dividends in letting you get the best and most during the time of replacement. Apart from the basic details like brand, model, year of purchase, cost etc you should also keep a track of the information such as – 

  • Projected life expectancy
  • Current utilization hours 
  • Total years of service
  • Maintenance and major repair services
  • Estimated annual usage
  • Estimated replacement cost

Consider a Replacement Plan

There is a saying, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ and we do not want you to fail. When it comes to equipment inventory, considering 5 to 10 years replacement plans are extremely important. This way you get to prioritize your annual plan for replacing the machines over time at the best possible financial capabilities. Also, it makes sense for the budgeting process for your annual investments on equipment. Even if you invest in used golf course equipment, by having a replacement plan in hand you can enable major purchases and ensure sufficient inventory for maintenance.

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