How to Speed Up or Update Your Dell Computer

How to Speed Up or Update Your Dell Computer?

Dell is a well-known company that manufactures world class products like computer, laptop, printer and scanners. Dell computers are world class devices which are mainly used for various purposes like official, corporate and commercial. These devices depend upon latest technology and perform excellently as per user’s needs. These devices have so many unique and advance features, so they are in great demand among users.  While using Dell computer, you will get some type of unwanted files which make your system very slow. To speed up your Dell computer, you should call reliable Dell Technical Support team or follow some technical instructions given below: –

Run “Error Checking” on All Hard Drives: –

Right-click on My Computer and navigate to “Properties” section. Now click on Tools and then select “Error Checking”. This will let the utility to scan the drive for damaged files that lead to slow drive access speeds.

Run “De-fragment” On All Hard Drives: –

Right-click on My Computer icon and choose Properties. Now click Tools and then choose De-fragment to clean up defragmented files and merge free space on the drive.  Defragmentation should be done once a week to speed up your Dell computer.

Install Anti-Virus Software And Keep It Updated: –

Install a good antivirus program on your computer or laptops and keep it updated so that it can safeguard your system from any kind of virus threats. Viruses make your system infected and slow, antivirus prevents virus threats from infecting your systems. If you have any difficulty regarding antivirus installation, you can call at toll free Dell laptop support number 1-800-834-1377 to get instant help from certified antivirus experts.

Install an Ad Blocker: –

Advertisements have a tendency to occupy temp disk space, using a good Ad Blocker application will not only block malicious websites but it will also prevent any temp disk space usage.

Clean Up Your Primary Partition: –  

Click Start and then type “cleanmgr” and then press Enter. Choose your primary partition and scan it for junk files. It will give a list of unnecessary files. Select the unnecessary files that you want to remove and the delete them.

Empty the Recycle Bin: –

Recycle Bin holds the deleted data which you can review later. Emptying Recycle Bin will cause speeding of the computer.

Hopefully, these technical tips will help you greatly in speeding up your slow Dell computer. For any query or issue in your Dell computer, you can contact directly at toll free Dell Computer Support number 1-800-834-1377 for immediate results.

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