Know How to Remove that All-Over Tan with these Quick Tips

There is nothing more amazing than having a glowing tan and a brown sugar tanning spray that can make all the difference in not only how your skin appears, even so, how confident you feel. Flaunting that golden glow for two weeks or more is only possible when you take proper care of it. And there comes a time when you are all set to say goodbye to that organic airbrush spray tan. Yes, we meant getting it off properly and preparing for your next tanning session. 

Today, through this article, we will learn how to remove the leftover tan in the right way. Check out these tips to avoid patchiness, discoloration, and dry skin. Surely, with the tips mentioned below, your skin will feel healthy and nice, and you will be ready for the new glow. 

Exfoliation Is the Key

The most common and the least known way is to give your skin a little more exfoliation. We all know that experts recommend exfoliation before the appointment too. The same technique works for removing the spray tan as well. You can use a washcloth, mitt, or just your palms to gently scale your skin with an oil-free, paraben-free exfoliant. So there you are, towards the first step of the next start. 

Hot Showers Do a Lot 

Generally, you will see the technicians serving organic spray tan in OKC sharing how hot showers can impact your tanned skin. To maintain the tan’s grace, you need to avoid long, hot showers. Vice versa, taking hot showers is a perfect way to get rid of that leftover tan on your skin. So, now the time has come for those long, relaxing showers after weeks. 

Moisturising Never Hurts 

This could be one of the best ways to remove tans naturally and easily. As mentioned above, both the quick tips involved taking showers. To speed up the process of removing those tan traces, you can try this DIY recipe. 

  • Mix baking soda and lemon juice unless it becomes a coarse paste. 
  • Step into the shower, start scrubbing your skin with this paste. 
  • Rinse it off right away and continue taking a shower as you do in routine. 

Vitamin C and citric acid are both present in lemon juice, acting as natural skin lightening agents. So when you mix baking soda, you get a natural exfoliant that can even remove the best sprays for tanning. So isn’t this a perfect way to remove tan? 

Ultimately, most women start worrying about how getting rid of the leftover tan before they head for their next appointment. However, you can see now how easy it is to remove the spray tan formulas. So rest, if you want to save your skin from the damages, then you should always consider a salon that offers organic airbrush spray tan. Further, shedding the tan layers becomes much more manageable, and getting that fresh, gleaming tan becomes much easier. 

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