My Go-To Natural Sleep Remedies!

When something is as important as sleep, and most of us don’t get enough good quality sleep, we need to find things that will help us. In this short post, I wanted to share some of my favourite natural sleep remedies. Some are totally free – they just need you – others may cost something, but I’ve purposefully suggested things that aren’t too expensive. 

My natural sleep remedies: 

1. Switching off your phone or reducing phone use for a couple of hours before bed:

many people use their alarm clock as a reason for not turning off their phone. If this is the case, try getting a traditional alarm clock instead then you should be able to live without your phone until the morning. If you can’t, make sure to switch your phone to night mode to reduce the phone brightness and try not to use highly engaging, emotion-inducing apps. This makes it very hard for your brain / mind to switch off. 

2. Bath before bed:

if there is a bath in your flat or home, use it. This is one of my favourite natural sleep remedies. Reason being, it is completely time to yourself. No one can bother you in a bath. It is the perfect place to disconnect and remove yourself from the day gone by. Add to it some natural bath oils and some candles and the natural aromas along with the dim lighting will further enhance the relaxation. 

3. Shift from overhead lights to lamps:

as if you were trying to seduce yourself, dim the lights when the sun goes down this helps our body to produce melatonin which is impacted by light.

4. Going to bed at the same time each night:

this gets our body into a routine that will begin to automatically identify when it is time for bed. It may even get to a point where you don’t need an alarm clock as your body will have gotten into such a schedule that it does it on its own! 

5. Try meditating or reading a book:

do something that is not digital and that transports you elsewhere mentally. Again, this is the perfect way to disconnect from all the stresses and adrenaline of the day and realign your breathing and headspace. 

6. Take a natural sleep supplement:

my most expensive suggestion on this list (told you I was going affordable), natural sleep supplements are packed with the vitamins, minerals or other plant extracts that are known to help with sleep. Try something like the Paso Sleep Capsules which have something to help with each stage of sleep – getting to sleep and then getting a better sleep once you are there.

So there you have it, my top natural sleep remedies! Please comment below if you find them to be helpful or if you have any other suggestions that I should add to the list. I hope you have more luck sleeping! 

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