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Shopping Websites use 8 ½” by 11″ unlined paper to write your formal and business letters. . Use 1″ margins on all four sides. . Letters that are going to be printed on a paper should preferably be written using a serif font like Times Roman (12 point) or Georgia (11 point). . Business emails can be written using a sans-serif font like Arial or Verdana. . They look better on screen. . Use standard-size fonts (12 point) in your emails. . Shopping Websites if you are printing the letter, print only on one side of the paper. . Before you put it in an envelope, fold it horizontally into thirds. . How to format a formal / business letter?

Business letters can be formatted in several different ways, but the most popular format is the block format.

 . All business letter formats contain the following parts. .

  1. Return address of the person who writes the letter. .
  2. Shopping Websites the date of the letter. . The date can be written in two different ways. . You can begin with the day. . In this case, no comma is used. . Example: 28 March 2012. . Or you can begin with the month. . Shopping Websites in this case, a comma is used. . Example: March 28, 2012. .

  3. Complete name, title, and address of the recipient. . If you are writing to a man, use the title ‘Mr.

 . ‘ If you are writing to a married woman use the title ‘Mrs. . ‘ If you don’t know the marital status of a female recipient, it is best to use ‘Ms. Shopping Websites . ‘

  1. Salutation with a colon. . The most common salutation used in a business letter is ‘Dear’. . It should be followed by the title and surname of the person you are writing to Shopping Websites . After ‘Dear X’ put a colon. . Example: Dear Ms. Shopping Websites smith:

Do not use a title like Mr. . together with a first name. . (NOT Dear Mr. John Mathews)

Instead, write: Dear John Mathews OR Dear Mr. . Mathews. Leave an empty line after ‘Dear X’ and start again on the left. .

  1. Body of the letter. Shopping Websites . Business people don’t have the time to read long letters, so keep your letter short and to the point. . Don’t write more than three or four paragraphs on a page. . Use double space in between paragraphs. .

  2. Closing. The most common closing used in a business letter is “Sincerely. . ” You can put a comma after ‘Sincerely’, but it isn’t exactly necessary. . Press the ‘Enter key’ twice after the closing and type your name. . Sign your name in the space above your name. . Sincerely,

(Handwritten signature)

Jonathan Wilson

  1. . Enclosure. Are you enclosing additional documents (e. . g. Resume or CV) with your letter? In that case, skip two single lines (press the ‘Enter’ key once) after your typed name and type “Enclosure” or “Enclosures. . ” Use the plural form only if you have more than one document to enclose.

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