Onyx Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Onyx Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Onyx is one of the varieties of chalcedony, which has parallel bands. The other variety of chalcedony having the curved bands is agate. The color of the bands ranges from white to almost every other color known to mankind, such as purple, blue, etc. The solid black Onyx is considered as the most traditional black gemstone and that is why the black onyx price is slightly higher. It is an ancient gemstone and is widely used in jewellery or as an ornamental gemstone for carvings. Onyx stone is sourced from India, Brazil and Uruguay.

Onyx is traditionally an engraving and cameo gemstone. It is the birthstone for people who have Leo as their zodiac sign. The most common form of Onyx is the one which has a black base with a white upper layer. The black stone is often dyed, while the ones with white and black bands are natural. Black onyx is the most famous variant of this gemstone, but the ones having the red bands are called sardonyx. White Onyx and Yellow Onyx are also appreciated for their aesthetic appeal and amazing healing properties. 

The stone is known for its beautiful and silky lustre. When cut into cabochons and beads, Onyx is widely used in different types of jewellery items, such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. Besides, it is widely used to make carvings and small statues out of it. As a gemstone, onyx gemstone is seen associated with various therapies and studies of the gemstone’s properties. This stone is related to grounding energy, balance, strong attitude, reasoning and self-discipline.

Onyx is a part of gemstone metaphysical theories and healing therapies. Especially the black onyx stone holds a special place in the gemstone’s metaphysical theories. It is believed that having black Onyx around, during the time of mental or physical stress, provides strength and support. This stone helps to alleviate fears and worries. Moreover, the possession of this stone helps the person to feel comfortable. This gemstone also promotes the stamina and vigour of the person, and makes him or her wise in the process of decision making.

Wearing this black stone helps the wearer to keep his or her excessive emotions and passions under control. It is an energizing stone and contributes to the willpower of the wearer. Onyx stone proves to be beneficial when kept by the athletes. This stone helps to increase the sense of self-discipline, restraint and responsibility in the wearer. Wearing this gemstone helps the wearer to achieve goals and strengthen self-discipline and willpower. It gives wearer the strength to handle problems bravely and strongly. 

Onyx gemstone also helps in the process of wounds healing and during the time of childbirth. This gemstone helps to treat eye and ear problems. In addition to this, this amazing stone strengthens the structural systems of the bones, teeth, hair, skin and nails of the wearer. Overall, Onyx stone is one of the most useful and beautiful stones.

Here are some of the vital details about Onyx gemstone:

Chemical Formula    SiO2

Color                      White, Black, Banded 

Hardness                 7

Crystal System        Hexagonal

Refractive Index       1.54 – 1.55

Transparency           Translucent to opaque 

Luster                      Vitreous 

SG                          2.63 – 2.65 

Mineral Class           Quartz (Chalcedony) 

Double Refraction     .009 

Cleavage                 Indiscernible

Element                  Earth

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