Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Firewood for Your Home

Wood has been the principal source of fuel for both indoor and outdoor use since the birth of fire. This is due to the fact that wood is both inexpensive and readily available. Firewood, in particular, has a variety of uses. It keeps us warm in the winter and is the ideal fuel for our summer BBQ events. Wood’s only drawback is that it produces a lot of smoke when it burns. This is especially true when the wood has not dried completely and retains a lot of moisture. Despite this, perfectly dry firewood is a very efficient source of energy and heat during the winter. It is best to contact firewood suppliers to know more about choosing the best firewood for your needs. 

Not all types of wood can be used as firewood, even if they burn. A block of wood must be firm and totally dry before it can be used as firewood. River Red Gum and Stringybark firewood is the most commonly used type of firewood in Australia.

Here’s how to pick the best firewood for your requirements:

  • Examine your Firewood Thoroughly

Because there are numerous types of firewood available, you can test several varieties to learn about their characteristics and whether they will meet your specific demands. The type you choose must be regionally and locally available so that you can get it quickly throughout the most critical months of the year. You can find out which types of firewood boxes for sale fit these requirements and whether there would be a consistent supply of wood by doing some study.

  • Engineered firewood should be used.

You can take this step to reduce environmental waste and become more environmentally conscious. When wood is burned, it produces a lot of smoke and pollutes your home, making it harder to breathe. Engineered wood, often known as machine-made wood, is a revolutionary solution to this problem. It will not only minimise smoke, but it will also reduce the amount of garbage produced in the environment.

Engineered wood is a log made up of sawdust and wood shavings that have been compacted together. As a result, there is no space for moisture. As a result, as compared to conventional wood, engineered wood produces more heat and energy. All you have to do is contact a firewood delivery service to get these firewood delivered home. 

  • Take a look at the texture.

Take note of the wood’s texture. Are there any splits along the edges? If the log’s edges have split or if you strike two logs together and hear a hollow sound, the wood is entirely dry and absolutely suitable for domestic usage.

  • Examine the bark

The bark of wood with high moisture content is difficult to remove. If the bark falls off readily when you handle the wood or if the bark is absent, it is suitable for burning.

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