Rolex - The most well known wristwatch brand in the world

Rolex – The most well known wristwatch brand in the world.

Rolex is the most well known wristwatch brand in the world. Rolex has been around since 1905, and earned its reputation demonstrating quality and exclusivity, as well as sky rocketing prices (From a few thousands to more than one hundred thousand US dollars!!!)

Like many other over priced brand name watches Rolex are being copied and you can find Rolex replica at very reasonable prices and high quality (almost like the real thing)

Replica Rolex is the best selling fake watch in the world and experts believe more than 20,000 Rolex replica watches are being sold daily over the internet.

Basically a replica Rolex is an identical copy of the real Rolex watch. Made in order to look and feel like the real thing. While saving you money.

Usually you will not be able to tell the difference (unless you are a Rolex expert).

Replica Rolex are much cheaper than the original Rolex watch because it is compiled from cheaper materials and different craftsmanship.

Here is a chart of the various elements which creates Original Rolex and those which creates a replica Rolex:


Description: The element which powers the watch, this mechanism keeps the second hand sweeping.

A genuine Rolex Movement retails for approx. $2000, Can last for a life time if being services regularly.

Japanese replica Rolex movement is very durable although much cheaper. It can last for 8-10 years if handled properly.


Description: The crystal of a watch is the glass covers the face (or dial). It is very important for your watch appearance and life span.

There are 2 main crystal types which are used in replica Rolex: Mineral and Sapphire.

Mineral are used for Japanese replica Rolex. it is very durable and scratch proofed.

Sapphire crystals are extremely hard material and are the best type and are used in Swiss replica Rolex and also in the genuine Rolex watches.

Back/green sticker

Description:  The back of the Rolex watch refers to any engravings/stickers found on the back. Most genuine Rolex watches don’t have any engravings or serial numbers of the back of the back. Only Holographic green sticker indicating the model number.

Replica Rolex have this green sticker too.


Description: The case carries the movement, face (or dial), the crown, and attaches the 2 ends of the band. It’s the body of the watch, and it is extremely important it is high quality.

The case in a genuine Rolex watch is crafted from a single piece of stainless steel.

Rolex replica has a strong case created from genuine solid stainless steel. The Size dimensions can be very slightly different. But this is not a big deal at all.

No matter how high quality is the replica rolex, the case of a replica is not crafted from a single chunk of stainless steel like a genuine Rolex watch.


Description: The bezel is the ring around the crystal, which can sometimes be functional.

Although commonly overlooked, the bezel is very important part of replica Rolex.

Diamond Markers

Description: Diamonds are found on many genuine Rolex watches, either on the faces, the bands, the case or the bezel. They are places on many replica Rolex models as well. Replica Diamonds vary from plastic crystal, mineral stones to low quality and high quality cubic zirconia stones.

Pins/Screws on band

Description: The band of all watches consists of links which are held together either by pins or screws. Genuine Rolex watches have bands which are held together by screws.

Water resistance

Description: The water resistance of a genuine Rolex watch ranges from none at all (certain Date just. Day Date models) to 300 meters (some sea Dweller models)

Japanese Replica Rolex is NOT water resistant. Don’t expect to swim or even Shower with a watch under $200 Swiss replica Rolex are water resistant up to 100ft / 30m.

You should read carefully product description and see if it meets your needs before you buy. Make sure you call the replica watches store for pre sale questions (if any)

Which replica Rolex is right for you?

Unless you want (and can) spend a few thousands on an original Rolex watch.

You have great replica watches available.

You can find High quality Japanese replica at prices vary from $199. and you can find top quality replica Rolex genuine Swiss replica Rolex for $500-$700.

The Choice is yours: 

– If you would like to carry a line of replica Rolex watches, if you would like to adjust your look for different occasions. Japanese replica Rolex is the choice for you. You can get it at a very good prices and you will be able to afford to buy a full line of replica Rolex watches.   

If you like a particular watch and you want to have it on you all the time and enjoy it’s features (water resistance, Solid gold, Sapphire crystal etc) and present it as Original Rolex watch. You should definitely go the extra mile and get yourself a Swiss replica Rolex.  

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