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Service Apartments in Dubai and Other Residential Options

Thinking of opting for service apartments in Dubai? Or are you thinking of a permanent villa instead? Expatriates and people who migrate to Dubai for business often face a quandary with regard to finding accommodation that suits their lifestyles and preferences. There are several factors that influence the choice of accommodation, the location being the foremost. This also has other links, namely proximity to one’s office or workplace, proximity to necessary lifestyle joints and other hubs, and proximity to schools and recreational facilities for children and families. It also depends on the housing allowance that expatriates and business travelers receive for extended stays in the Gulf on work.

Come to think of it, if you are looking for a reasonably priced rental, you can consider a studio apartment for rent in Dubai, especially if you are willing to avoid the long term hassles of buying property here. Get the facilities and comfort of a fully furnished home minus the service and maintenance hassles with these apartments. These apartments often come with special services including concierge, cooks, butlers, laundry, car parking, recreational clubs, sports and fitness facilities, child friendly play areas, 24 hour power backup and round the clock security among others. This might just be the package you are looking for throughout the duration of your stay.

All serviced Apartments are spacious and tastefully furnished. This Budget Hotel Apartment or a discount hotel apartment, situated in the heart of shopping, commercial, leisure and nightlife areas of Dubai makes your living experience remarkable and exclusive. Golden Sands provides one of the best hotel rental apartment services in Dubai due to its close proximity to Dubai Museum, Heritage Village, Beach, Corniche, Bank Street, Shopping Malls and Dubai World Trade Exhibition Centre.

People look for a studio for rent in Dubai for months or even a year at a stretch. The presence of quality service and community facilities makes this much more reasonable and affordable than staying at a hotel for a long period of time. If you are looking to purchase property, you have townhouses, apartments and villas to choose from. This is however the prerogative of those who have the means to invest. High rise apartments and townhouse complexes are rapidly mushrooming in Dubai but these will be expensive and even if you plan on plonking down your investment, they will still take some time to be readied. Ditch all the hassles and opt for affordable, luxurious and spacious hotel apartments that will definitely give you the goodness and comfort of a home away from home.

Jenni Sands is a hospitality expert and advises travelers on finding reasonable hotels & service apartments in Dubai and other accommodations in the myriad city of Dubai.

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