Some Interesting Facts About Artichokes You Need to Know

Green veggies are mostly ignored by people despite their nutrition values when it comes to preferring the taste. Actually, the problem is with the technique of cooking. Just like other typical vegetables, artichokes also have earthy fresh flavor. It has not a strong flavor profile and gives you a hint of fried egg white. When it comes to cooking artichokes with the best possible flavors, we recommend going with the option of Italian style. Italians are known for making every monotonous dish interesting with their amazing skills. This vegetable is an abundant source of vitamins, magnesium, folate, potassium and dietary fiber. Despite hai nutrition value, it is known for its minimal calories and no fat content. It means you can consider artichokes in the category of healthiest available foods on the earth. Usually, March, April and May are the peak harvesting seasons of artichokes but they are available throughout the year because of the longer shelf life in cold storages. There are some interesting facts about artichoke vegetables we are mentioning here. 

Interesting facts about Artichokes

  • not everything you buy from the vegetable section is actually a vegetable. For example, tomato is a kind of fruit that we consume extensively by combining with vegetables. Similarly, artichokes are actually unbloomed flowers belong to the sunflower family. They are harvested green right before flowers start blooming. 
  • Locations around the Mediterranean sea and the Canary Islands are ideal for the best quality artichokes harvesting. 
  • Artichoke is an abundant source of antioxidants with much higher nutrition value as compared to other vegetables. 
  • Talking about the world’s largest producers and suppliers of artichokes online, Italy, Egypt and Spain come at the topmost position. 
  • Not only for cooking, but artichoke flowers can also be utilized as a tea. Its leaves are grounded and then boiled for making popularity in Vietnam. 
  • In the United States, California State is the largest producer of artichokes. Actually, 100% of artichokes vegetables supply in the USA came from California. 

Significance of artichokes in Italian cuisine

Italians make use of artichoke vegetables in multiple ways. They don’t only cook fresh vegetables with pasta, risotto and other native dishes but also preserve in oils for further use. You can easily find artichokes in olive oil, garlic, chili, vinegar and lemon juice compositions. These jarred artichoke hearts are utilized for making some unique gravies and sauces for native Italian dishes. 

Where to buy artichokes online? 

If fresh artichokes are not available in your local grocery stores, it is advisable to go with online options. Many online Italian food stores are supplying the products of native brands throughout the world. Instead of fresh vegetables, you will get their well-preserved versions meeting strict European food quality standards. From online stores, one can order 

  • Italian roasted artichokes
  • Artichokes with truffle Puree
  • Artichoke hearts dipped in virgin olive oil
  • Grilled artichokes

Make sure that you are ordering artichokes online only after checking their brand name. We always recommend native Italian brand names because of their quality assurance. 

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