Tips To Mow a Golf Course Green

One of the most popular jobs for college students during summer vacations is to work as a maintenance crew person at a Golf course. Although it is a physically taxing job that requires a lot of mowing, it is kind of well. The primary mowing is almost always done with a hand mower. If you fancy a job at Jacobsen golf course mower and want to be branded as a Jacobsen golf course mower, Here are some of the tips that you could follow:

  • Choosing the right place to park the trailer and the cart –

The specialized hand mowers are often transported in a trailer that is hitched to a maintenance cart. Choosing exactly where to park is one of the most critical first steps. You need to properly unload the mower and be able to easily load the more back into the trailer after use. Also, keep in mind that your trailer shouldn’t be blocking any part ways, and at all times, try to avoid parking on the grass area, especially those areas that look one down due to constant foot traffic. 

  • Unload the mower and prepare to cut away –

Golf course mowers need to delicately unload the moving machine and yet not damage the blades of the mower. The expense of this mow usually costs more than $10,000, according to some of the golf course maintenance equipment owners. There damaging these blades would incur a high cost due to a simple mistake of being rash with the mower. As you transport them over to the grass in order to cut them and are getting ready to mow The cross, ensure that the detachable wheels are removed while moving. Often many people tend to leave the detachable wheels on by mistake and incur much expense as a result of these silly untimely mistakes.

  • Ensure to choose a pattern –

Golf greens are generally moved from front to back or side to side or even left to right and vice versa. Traditionally the left to right or the right to left cuts or angle cuts. If you could envision a square in which you start at the bottom right corner and mow all the way to the top left corner, it is then known as the right to left cut. Know also that if the greens were first mowed side to side, then the next day, they should be mowed front to back. 

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