Trouble Sleeping? Dye Eye Mask for Sleeping Can Make a Big Difference

With advanced technology, our market is filled with plentiful high-tech sleep gadgets. Sleep issues have become a prominent concern, especially amongst adults. There can be many reasons affecting sleep. 

However, lack of sleep leads to dry eyes. When it becomes severe, medications are highly suggested. Demand for a dry eye sleep mask is increasing as it’s a delightful piece of fabric covering our eyes. Hence, boost to increase adequate sleep. 

Surely, a sleep mask isn’t new to the market but renders an ultimate solution. It’s fruitful to maintain natural sleep cycles. What dry eyes do? The disease may impact our vision if not cared timely. 

How a Dry Eye Mask Works?

The dry eye mask blocks the artificial light. Here the light refers to the night light, which disrupts our internal biology. Perhaps, regulate humans’ sleep-wake cycles. 

High exposure to artificial light suppresses melatonin (the sleep-inducing hormone). The lack of melatonin influences our smooth sleep and may cause insomnia. What is the job of melatonin? It sends a signal to the brain about sleep time. Light exposure at night will send the wrong signal to the brain, disturbing the sleep pattern. Therefore one will find it difficult to fall asleep quickly. 

What to Look for in a Dry Eye mask?

Undoubtedly one wants the sleep mask that works for them. So, we look for a comfortable mask that helps us to sound asleep. If it’s too loose or tight, one may not get favorable results. 


One can find different shapes on the market but make sure it’s according to the size. Some may prefer a flat mask or mask that has cups. Look for an electric heated dry eye mask to rest comfortably. 


As mentioned above, the product is worthy of buying when it delivers comfort. The size makes a big difference. We surely want to make sure that a mask sits properly over our eyes. However, be certain not to purchase a too tight mask. A bit loose mask (which is not slipping) is still a better option. Mask also comes in adjustable straps to have a perfect fit.  


The next consideration before purchasing a dry eye mask is the fabrics made up of. A cotton dry eye mask provides a soft feel and also comes with a great budget. Silk can be a bit pricey but still safe for the skin, and don’t eat up our night-eye care products. 


Generally, a dry eye mask is lightweight. But every person has their own requirement. Some may want a little heavier to add light pressure for stress relief.

Light blocking

The problem with a wrong mask is that it is made of light-colored fabric or doesn’t have enough coverage to block light. Look for the mask which stays long and shuts the light as it affects sleep quality. 


The new mask comes with a great feature allowing us to adjust the temperature. This is useful if we face headaches. During summers, we can lower the temperature and vice versa. 

Final Views

The mask also prevents dust from seeping in. It’s good for those who are not able to have complete eyelid closure. Incomplete eyelid closure causes eye itching. For better recovery & relief, try it for a few days. 

Sleep is crucial to balance our physical & mental well-being. Adults require 7-9 hours of sleep per night; otherwise, there are many other problems apart from dry eyes. In a nutshell, it’s beneficial to use a mask to promote sleep cycles and melatonin balance. 

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