What Does a Weekend in Sorrento Feel Like?

Sorrento, Italy, is a beautiful seaside city in the hilly countryside above the Amalfi Coast. Situated between the Bay of Naples and the Lattari Mountains, the city has phenomenal vistas and a whole amount of delicacy that will surely take your breath away. In 1997, the home of Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina was declared as the World Heritage Site. 

So a week in Sorrento is nothing like a mundane getaway to the local beach resorts. The sunkissed city is the birthplace of one of the most loved beverages, limoncello, citrus-based alcohol. In addition, Sorrento has innumerable archaeological sites, churches, and monasteries. 

So if you are planning to spend seven days in Sorrento, here are the things that will help you make your trip enjoyable. 


When you are in Sorrento, fall for nothing but the best.  Hotels are overpriced and hyped, while rental accommodations in Sorrento, VIC offer you the same facilities with much better deals. If you are looking for a great summer escape, opt for holiday homes that suit all sizes and budgets. The accommodations offer you the following facilities:


Refined style and comfort in spacious split-level layout

Solar heated pool

Gas heated spa 

stunning indoor/outdoor living with concertina doors 

Entertainer’s kitchen,

Second living area

Wine room 


Grassed backyard with a clothesline and rear access to a discreet public car park

And many more, but well, we need to move further as we don’t want to tempt you to spend all your vacation in the beach accommodation itself!

Marina Grande:

The Mariana Grande is located beyond the head held and mounted by high cliffs on both sides. With a fantastic view and little fishing village atmosphere nearby with little restaurants, it’s a great place to hang around leisurely. Move around in the city in a Capri & Blue Grotto Boat Trip-Prime, or try some outstanding food of your choice. 

Island of Capri:

Just a 20-minute ferry ride from Marina Grande to nearby Capri will take you to Almafi’s most renowned place,  the island of Capri. Like an island is expected to be more expensive than the plains, so is this Island of Capri. That’s why it’s advisable to carry your lunches for a beautiful picnic and visit during the day. 

Hire a scooter or hit on the open road; the choice is again yours. 

Tummylicious food:

Sorrento is a great delight for food lovers. You can snack around all day while getting around and enjoying the beautiful monumental structures.  

Don Pedro: The specialty of this restaurant is its Mediterranean cuisine. The place is famous for seafood, and lobsters are the highlight of their menu. 

Trattoria Da Emilia: The risotto with seafood is not just loved but has its traditional hue as well. One day, the owners only had rice and shellfish in their kitchen, and this came with the creation of the new dish.  The fresh and tempting seafood can make anybody drool over their menu. 

Pizzeria Da Franco: When we hear Italy, we hear a pizza! While today you can have pizza all over the world, but you cannot have one made by the Amalfi Coast in the Neapolitan style.

Il Leone Rosso: If you want to go somewhere to enjoy peace, then this place is right for you. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, the quality and prize of the restaurant might amaze you. From pasta to pizza to seafood, choose anything from the wide variety and enjoy your cuisine. Of course, if you are a sweet lover, you cannot escape their desserts. 

Some wonders of street food to try in the streets of Sorrento:

Queen’s Chips: Cooked fresh and topped with ketchup and mayonnaise.

Primavera Gelateria: Some exotic flavors include Snickers, Kinder Bueno, and Salted Butter Caramel 

Crêpes: With fillings 

In the end:

Sorrento is a beautiful place where seven days would never be enough. But if you are on a seven-day vacation, then trust us when we say this, it’s going to be the best seven-day vacation ever! Just pre-plan and pre-book your holiday rentals to enjoy a comfortable stay and comfortable ride with yourself and your loved ones. 

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