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What Is the Best Technology for Building a Web Application?

Choosing your technology for building web applications might be tricky. At first, we might be tempted to choose the most popular but outdated solutions. This is definitely not the best choice, especially if we want to explore the full potential of the project.

Often huge and smart crawling businesses forget about innovative and fresh tech solutions. As we know, the best sources for such research are definitely blogs – we can not only learn about certain IT aspects from various points of view but find compelling ideas to include in our projects.

In this article, we will shortly discuss technologies worth your attention while building a web application. Read below to find out more!

Ruby on Rails

RoR is still one of the most popular and innovative web frameworks. The simplicity and effectiveness of this tech solution have many fans around the globe as the readable syntax allows Ruby developers to do more using less code, which ultimately saves plenty of time.

It’s also pretty easy to understand for managers with basic coding knowledge who might want to check the code. The unique structure of self-documents with the whole code make it easier to read and manage it all. You can read about more advantages of Ruby on Rails here.


For those unfamiliar, Node.js is a runtime environment based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Using this tech solution for the backend will automatically ensure your access to full-stack JavaScript development. What’s more, with the same programming language on both sides, you can easily reuse code on the frontend and the backend. All you have to do is wrap the code into modules and add new levels of abstraction.


Zend is an open-source framework fully based on PHP. It was created for building more readable and secure web applications. It’s still under development. This tech solution might not be popular, but it’s commonly used and known as a good choice for large-scale PHP apps.


Scala is another attempt at rewetting and simplifying Java. What’s more, it’s compiled to run on the Java Virtual Machine. Undoubtedly, learning Scala is challenging and time-consuming but the excellence of this language was noticed by companies such as Twitter and Guardian, which use Scala for their codebases.

To Wrap Up

There are many new and innovative programming languages that are worth implementing. Research is key in finding the right technology for your web application building process.

Ok, you know the best technologies for building web applications, but have you ever heard of MVP?

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