Why are appointment systems faulty (Including the best urgent Medical care Centre in Laurel)

What do you think is the best method to handle a crowd efficiently? You might choose to go for the method of first-in, first-served, and so do hospitals. Appointments are the most common way to manage the queue in hospitals. 

But are the queue methods efficient to reach the goals? The medical centres in Laurel and other surrounding areas believe this method to be inefficient and problematic. 

Expectation from the appointment vs the reality:

  • The appointment system is expected to manage the overflowing patient’s disaster. 
  • Appointment eliminates the problem of understaffing and long queues.
  • But this is not highlighting the efficiency of appointments but the inefficiency of the management system. Therefore, the idea of appointment is a fault in itself. 

Delay in arrival:

  1. The recent studies conducted in the latest studies conducted previously in primary care settings found that the rates of missed appointments in the United States vary from 5% to 55%. But patients often take their appointments for granted while the other emergency patient suffers.  
  1. The patient’s delay in arriving makes everyone else in the queue take longer than the agreed time.
  1. Mismanaged schedules are the hospitals’ fault, while the entire day in the hospitals gets disrupted easily. 

No fixed hours:

  1. The assumption of doctors to predict the time taken by each patient doesn’t allow for certain deviations from the standard session length. 
  1. Sometimes the patients take too long, which makes the other patient wait, while sometimes, a patient takes half the time, and there is no one to fill the remainder of the doctor’s hours.

Absence of patient:

  1. Approximately 45 percent of the patients do not show up at the appointments without any prior notification to the doctor. 
  1. Some patients feel disconnected from the hospital staff due to any prior bad experience. Other times they are caught up with some urgency beyond their control. 
  1. Whatever reason it might be, the doctor’s entire plan schedule is negatively ruined, which affects the other patients. 

When it’s the question of the urgent requirement, then appointment routines do not work. But, if you are looking for urgent care near you, then Sankofa Health is a great health and wellness resource for people living in Laurel, MD and the surrounding areas.

The medical centre provides a wide variety of medical services and has the biggest diabetes treatment centre.

Reasons to choose Sankofa Health over any acclaimed hospital:

  • They are open 6 days a week
  • You can easily Walk-in with no Appointment Necessary 
  • You will get the Express Care for Routine Injuries and Illnesses

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