Why Skylights Are Right For You

Ever wished to look at the stars from your bed whilst you fall asleep?

Skylights are generally put directly into ceilings to supply additional light along with more open areas. Similar to car owners who want open-top convertibles or a sunroof, many homeowners seek skylights to showcase the ambiance in their bedrooms, restrooms, and living rooms.

Skylights are placed into the ceiling of rooms that have direct access to the sky and sunshine. Typically, bedrooms and bathrooms in the 2nd story of the home possess these specific features, but one-level ranch-style houses are also well suited for installing skylights. Your options of designing your residence with skylights are endless.

You’re not limited to putting in just one over the kitchen or living room; you can put in however many you wish, allowing for numerous options in building your ceiling and letting as much lighting as you seek. They are a remarkably attractive alternative that does nothing less than revitalize your home. Many kids also like skylights, as they provide a way to look out into the night sky when falling asleep.

The initial reason for skylights was to permit additional light to illuminate the inside of homes and buildings which lacked an outside access point. These days, they’ve become a traditional design in multistoried buildings to enhance the feeling of size and open space. Residences that would rather not have windows along the sides for privacy factors may still obtain sunlight from overhead and keep the solitude they prefer.

A few skylights can even be opened up to allow ventilation to come through, while some other designs remain completely closed for safety and aesthetic reasons. Open-and-close skylights are ideally designed for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and where ever airflow is needed. They are often installed on both flat and sloped rooftops and in any shape desired, though the most conventional shape has been the long rectangular shape. Compared with traditional windows, these do not have frames, since many seek to keep the design basic and do not want anything impeding the light’s entry.

Skylights certainly are an exciting addition to any architectural design. They permit more natural light to be used, lessening the reliance on energy-wasting ceiling lighting, and offer a feeling of relaxing tranquility for almost any home or building. They can also single-handedly alter the way a space looks without the need for changing any furnishings or doing any redecoration. Skylights are an easy way to see nature without the need of ever going out of your bedroom.

Lee Brakenstein is an expert home restoration fanatic. Specifically, she enjoys installing replacement windows which might include skylights, picture windows, or even bay windows.

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